Muffin Magic


Well,it all started with a cold autumn afternoon after school pickup when my son said,’I love blueberry muffins- can we make some?’

Never one to discourage a keen budding chef,I replied ,’ of course!’ and so it began…..

Muffins are easy,quick and really child friendly to make because there is only stirring involved! Of course,there is measuring too but if your kids are learning fractions like mine is, it is a great hands on maths lesson too- read # goodmummy# multitasking!!

We decided upon splitting the mix and making 2 flavours- why make 1 when you can diversify I hear you ask? I personally go for raspberry/ coconut or lemon/ poppeyseed etc but let your imagination ( and taste buds run wild)

And the best bits….they only take 15 mins in the oven AND you don’t have to ice then so you can eat them straight away- that is a win win I say!

Get baking,your kids can help and you are creating great little treats and fun memories in the kitchen

# itsawinner!



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