Get Powerful!

Well it was another awesome class on the topical subject of eating well and being conscious of what you put into your mouth hence the title of’s latest class,Get Powerful!

I wanted to give the students healthy choices to incorporate into their daily diet not makeover their life.Getting powerful is all about empowering yourself with knowledge and once you have that you are in control of your food choices.

The students were excited to start the class and we did the 3 course menu together starting with making spellt pastry for a roasted pumpkin and homemade labne tart followed by a zingy quiona tabboulhi with smoked trout.Our sweet was a dark chocolate and hazelnut tart that was sugar and gluten free.Blueberries adorned the cake to add extra health benefits.

I enjoyed this class alot,researching it,cooking it and of course eating it!

Enjoy the photos of our day!

img_4180 img_4181 img_4186 img_4189

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