We are Smokin!

We had a very successful BBQ Smokin class despite the bleak rainy weather outside,it was def smoking at foodkitchen.com.au!

Students learned a whole new range of skills from indirect heat cooking to making a damper on the BBQ.They were an eager and attentive class who asked heaps of questions( this is great by the way and always makes the class more enjoyable and interactive) and also could demonstrate they were learning by answering my questions as the day progressed.

We focused on food you could cook on the BBQ like the perfect steak,marinading,resting as well as exploring smoking food which was a first for me and one I would like to explore in another class- there is never enough time!

The other super thing about this class was that there were lots of students who had been to the school before.To me,repeat students means you must be doing something right! It was lovely to welcome them all back!

The menu included damper with smoked tomatoes,thai beef salad and berry cobbler.Delicous!


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