Spice it up!

Spice Journey saw us travel around the globe looking at spices used all over the world in different cuisines.We had a spice challenge to identify different spices in their many forms from vanilla bean pods,caraway seeds,cinnamon bark to cumin seeds,ground ginger and we talked about the ways that spices add flavour as well as medicinal purposes.

We made a delicous meal using spices,caraway seed bread with a spicy tomato chutney as well as spiced chicken flavoured with coriander,turmeric and garlic.We finished off with a super easy stout and ginger cake which the students were surprised at how easy it was to make and how delicous it tasted!

The students as always were attentive and lovely,everyone was made to feel welcome and once again the  making and eating of food brought people from different walks of life together just as it should be.My work is done!Hopefully they will go away and make the recipes and adapt them to suit their tastes.



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