FOODKITCHEN.com.au is owned and run by Michaela Le Compte who is a trained chef and a food stylist. Michaela has a passion for food – talking it, cooking it, often styling and photographing it and enjoying it with like minded people.

FOODKITCHEN.com.au came about because of a sense of wanting to reconnect and inspire people through food.

The classes are small, maximum 10 people and the location is a working photographic studio with heaps of ambience and natural light. The students will sit back and watch Michaela and her team as they guide them through easy to follow recipes from all cuisines. The best part is the tasting along the way and the feast at the end.

Some of the classes are themed from various cultures around the world and these are led by Michaela and a home cook from that region who will share their childhood memories of food from their culture. These are recipes passed down in families and completely authentic. As a food stylist working in the media industry, there will be attention given to presentation and plating ideas across all the classes.