“My girls learnt so much…What an amazing idea for kids to gather together and cook.Not just have a chef waffle away recipes and ingredients to kids but actually have someone so patient,so encouraging,so knowledgeable with several skills and be so fun and energised to teach kids to cook with such emotions,passion and love….taught incredible recipes and tips on how to make not just one delicous dish but many varietites from savoury to sweet,about 7 dishes including chicken wings,chesse eggy souffle,quesadillas and much more….It’s an experience that cannot be explained..it’s a must on your kid’s school holiday list…I too as a mum had so much fun watching my girls enjoy themselves and challenge their own fears and see barriers be knocked down with such effort and triumph.Proud to say I had the privelege of dining with them all.Def coming back so we can learn to make more yummy recipes….

Sharon, Palm Beach

“It was a great day,really enjoyed myself and getting to eat some fabulous food”

Rob, Cremorne Point

“Thanks to Michaela for an informative,casual and thoroughly entertaining couple of hours! Will be back!”

Charlotte & Oliver Dumitru

Kids in the Kitchen  was awesome!Thankyou Michaela,for teaching us to make all these tasty dishes.We had a great time and look forward to trying out the recipes at home.We loved the take home goodies.foodkitchen-kids-063